How do we work?

Residential projects, whether you are an owner or an investor, in the right circumstance is profitable and can improve your property value. However, this is not the case for everyone or every project.


We take pride in projects that gets built, not just getting city approval for over-budget or hard-to-build plans. That is why we offer a low cost and comprehensive feasibility study to make sure that you are comfortable with budget and complexity of the job before proceeding.


In our feasibility study, we prepare alternative layouts and project scopes, with respect to applicable construction codes; so, you can shop around with contractors and get rough estimates, before going forward with the approval process.

What is the Process?

Typically, Small Residential Projects consist of the following two main phases:

  • Phase I: You hire an Engineering or an Architectural firm. They will help you shape your project or ideal house. They will develop construction details and plans, according to local and state codes and get necessary approvals.

  • Phase II: You hire a contractor to build your project based on approved plans. You should hire an independent engineering firm to monitor and inspect construction process to make sure that contractor is following the plans and sign-off on Control Inspection. After passing all inspections, you will be able to get Letter of Completion or Certificate of Occupancy, based on scope of the work.