With 15 years of extensive experience in Design, Planning, and Construction Support of Residential and Commercial projects from New Buildings to Extensions and Renovations, we can help you develop your investment property or build your dream house from beginning to end. 


Outline of Services:
  • New Residential and Commercial buildings
        Low-Rise and Mid-Rise multiple dwelling and mixed-use buildings
  • Extension of Existing Buildings
        Vertical Extension by adding new floor levels. Horizontal extensions into the rear or front yard
  • Interior Renovation
        Merging or Splitting apartment units, adding or removing interior walls and columns
  •  Change of Use or Occupancy
        Conversion Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Buildings. 
  • Design & Planning
    • Architectural Design, Interior and Exterior
    • Structural Design, Steel, Concrete, and Wood
    • Pre-Construction Survey
    • Certificate of Occupancy
    • Property Conversions and Renovations
    • DOB & ECB Violations
  • Structural Health Monitoring
    • Vibration
    • Cracks
    • Foundation Settlement
  • Environmental Services
    • Asbestos Investigation (ACP-5)