AutoCAD and Civil 3D

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly.

  • The Good; AutoCAD and Civil 3D are extremely flexible and powerful programs with limitless applications in design and planning. If you face a last-minute technical problem utilizing their built-in features, there is always a quick but dirty shortcut.
  • The Bad; Specifically, AutoCAD has a relatively flat learning curve at the beginning which makes novice users overconfident and stops them from advancing and being more efficient. This is the corner stone of drafting problems in most offices. These users work hard and fast but at a fraction of intended efficiency.
  • The Ugly; It happens when people treat Civil 3D the same way as AutoCAD. Civil 3D requires much higher discipline, knowledge and respect for office standards. The AutoCAD quick fixes and shortcuts in Civil 3D are disastrous.

Over the past 15 years, we witnessed countless hours wasted on file mismanagement or duplication, wrong styles or settings, or lack of technical knowledge of the program. Our experience with Civil 3D in dozens of projects with New York City Municipal Agencies has showed us that the three key in successful implementation of Civil 3D are discipline, teamwork and continues training.


Alma Engineering, PC takes a consultative approach to help you or your team learn and adopt AutoCAD Civil 3D around your project requirements and pace of training, rather than trying to fit your needs into a pre-built template. That is why every course and session is unique and customizable based on your needs.


A Civil 3D implementation project with Alma Engineering begins with a no-cost consultation with the key players in your organization. In kick-off meeting, we will take time to explore a variety of topics including:

  • Project File and Folder Structure.
  • File Management and access control.
  • Identification of Key Personnel in Design and Drafting Team.
  • Drafting Requirements and CAD Standards.