The basement of most residential buildings can be converted to a dwelling unit and legally occupied. Consequently, this conversion can increase building value.

How can I convert my Basement?

You cannot simply renovate and convert your basement/cellar without proper permits. There are criteria’s in New York City Building Codes and Zoning Resolution to ensure safety of tenants and quality of living that must be met.


In order to legally convert your existing cellar/basement you need to hire a Licensed Professional Engineer or Registered Architect to prepare plan and paper work to NYC Department of Building for Approval. Upon approval, you can hire a Licensed Contractor to pull necessary permits and do the basement conversion.



Our Service Outlines:

  • •     Feasibility Study
    •     Asbestos Investigation (ACP-5)
    •     Prepare and Submission of NYCDOB required Plans and Applications
    •     Performing all NYCDOB required Special Inspections.
    •     Getting Letter of Completion (LOC) or New Certificate of Occupancy (CO)


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  • Design & Planning
    • Architectural Design, Interior and Exterior
    • Structural Design, Steel, Concrete, and Wood
    • Pre-Construction Survey
    • Certificate of Occupancy
    • Property Conversions and Renovations
    • DOB & ECB Violations
  • Structural Health Monitoring
    • Vibration
    • Cracks
    • Foundation Settlement
  • Environmental Services
    • Asbestos Investigation (ACP-5)